Captain William Dowling (Bill) has worked for the Houston Fire Department for 13 years. He has been assigned to Stations 12, 19, 2​5, and 48. At the time of the accident, he was assigned to 68 and also worked part time at Champions Volunteer Fire Department. Bill loves his God, his church, (Woods Edge in Tomball) and his pastor, Jeff Wells. Bill Loves his country and demonstrated it by serving in the USMC for four years during which time he saw combat in Somalia. Bill is a true family man that has been married to his wife, Jacki, for 19 years. They have three children;  Forrest, 18, Faith, 13, and Foster, 11.
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A call for service was made shortly after noon on Friday, May 31, 2013, for a fire in a restaurant at the Southwest Inn hotel off Highway 59 in southwest Houston. Personnel from HFD Station 68, including Captain Dowling, Ann Sullivan, and Robert Garner was the second unit on the scene. Bill and his crew entered the burning building. The heavy tile roof collapsed. Captain Dowling was trapped under the burning debris while his crew members perished. He hit his mayday button and the rescue team entered the fire in search of their fellow firefighters. Captain Dowling was located, rescued and transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Medical Center in Houston. The attending physician in the ambulance said that Captain Dowling, though severely injured, kept asking about the condition of his crew. He told the doctor, on the way to the hospital, to tell his wife and children that he would fight for them and that is what he continues to do.

Capt. William Dowling (Bill)